Terms and Conditions

General Conditions


  • Please, remember that your PDF visuals are part of your set-up / origination charge.
  • However more than 4 additional visual amendments are then normally charged at £5.00 each, especially if NEW artwork is received by us after the 1st  initial artwork download, due to the extra administration / graphic costs involved.
  • Note, the 'drawings' on all our visuals proofs are copyrighted - even if the item is your own.
  • Breaking the PDF's security and exporting / copying / editing and/or using the drawings for purposes other than the visual proof in its entirety would be infringing the law.
  • If a pre-order visual is requested before you can get an order from your client, there is no need for signing it off at this stage.
  • If the resulting order comes in, please specify that a visual has already been created (if still applicable), the date of the visual and the name of the logo used, to save time and possibly prevent any errors). It can then be matched up with the visual and re-sent with the correct job number from your order for signing off.




24hour U.K. mainland at close to cost - Scottish Highlands and Islands need quoting for separately!


  • We use 3 different carriers at present to give us a choice of service.
  • Costs @ £9.85 up to 20kg plus £0.41 every part kilo thereafter. 5kg pack £7.95, 1kg pack £6.18.
  • You must have your own goods in transit insurance as the above rates do not fully cover your goods (£10.00 per 1 kg. - the general road haulage rate). Goods are fully insured for theft, fire, flood and damage whilst on our premises though!
  • Ask for the correct insurance cover, costs approximately £7.00 per £1000 insured value.
  • Daily pick-ups from us are either 16:00, 17:00 or 18:00hrs.



Ordering Process


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New Customers


New customers will need to fill in the Customer Account Application form  in order to open a credit account with us.