Ordering Process


(for suppliers & distributors in the trade. If you are end user, click here for the FAQ section about ordering )


If this is your first order with us, please fill in this Customer Account Application form then we can furnish you with a proforma invoice.  Your next order will be on account subject to our credit clearance procedure.


Before the engraving

  • before we start the engraving process, we require an official commitment or order, in the form of an e-mail, PDF, fax or via post;
  • Please ensure that your order includes the following crucial information:


  • name of your company and person responsible for the order issues and receiving correspondence;
  • your order number or an order reference for your invoice;
  • e-mail address where we are supposed to send the visual or any correspondence;
  • phone number, in case we need to speak to you;
  • prices we quoted or as per your contracted price list previously supplied by us;
  • description of what's to be engraved: name or the type of the item (e.g. Parker Jotter Pencil - stainless steel, plus it's code number if known);
  • name or description of the logo required, i.e. a crest;
  • required position on the item, i.e. if on a pen - either the barrel or cap end;
  • requested laser engraved finish - we can advise if there is more than one finish available for the specific item;
  • due date and time when the goods need to be delivered - remember to build in time for Irish or European destinations;
  • delivery address for the goods - it's useful to include a contact and phone number of the recipient as well;
  • once we receive your order and instructions, we'll process it and inform you immediately if there are any queries;


Artwork processing

  • if we start processing your artwork and it is not of sufficient quality (see our minimum artwork requirements), we'll advise what needs to be improved or if any costs would be involved in case you wish us to amend it for you prior to your visual being sent;
  • be aware of our standard allowed area specified here (each additional square centimetre taken above the standard allowance  is charged extra);
  • if we've never lasered the item you require or it's new and we haven't got the stock yet, please note that we will not produce a visual proof until it is received or an outline drawing (to scale) is provided by yourselves;


Visual proof


  • we'll then produce a visual PDF proof for you as a positional and dimensional guide - remember that what shows as black (positive) on the logo will be the section that will engrave. Very important if you have any 'eyes' in a logo and the engraving comes out silver or white as on shiny silver or anodised surfaces;
  • the visual proof must be returned to us via e-mail or fax, signed in the signature box and dated before we will proceed;
  • if your logo doesn't appear as needed on our PDF, please refer to PDF Issues page about known issue with Adobe Reader / Acrobat;
  • if you need to amend anything, let us know and we'll gladly produce another visual proof for you.  Please do not abuse this service.  We consider a reasonable amount to be between 3 or 4, dependent on circumstances.  If this is exceeded, there may be charges incurred but you'll always be informed first;


Engraving commences

  • laser_engraved_keyringwhen the visual proof is approved and stock received, we'll proceed with the engraving as per the agreed schedule - normally 5 working days;
  • in some time-sensitive cases you can see a digital photograph of the first engraved item prior to full production, see the conditions below >>>
  • we will always inform you about any issues (bad plating, faulty missing or wrong stock) that may arise during or after engraving and before dispatch;


After the engraving

  • your goods will be dispatched as per agreed date under carrier plain cover - you are advised to send your own delivery note to attached to the outside of the parcel;
  • carriage is normally next day U.K. mainland excluding some Scottish addresses;
  • we look forward to you joining our continually growing database of satisfied clients.


Virtual Web Based tracking system

The whole order process can be tracked on our Virtual Web Based tracking system.
Please contact us to arrange your own unique secure access account and create your own personal password!


If you have the tracking number from our tracking system, you can track your parcels here >> City Link, APC or Interlink Express

We send every parcel under plain cover as per the example labels below:

label  label label




Digital Picture


If you wish to obtain a digital picture of the first engraved item, we can email it to yourselves subject to the following conditions, but there is a 'machine waiting' time issue, which obviously costs:

To explain briefly, the running of a laser machine is very expensive, even on idle and once the items are set up, we can only hold production for the maximum of 15 minutes for you. Hence there will only be a 15 minutes window to respond, from the moment we will send you our e-mail with the picture attachment. Prior to this though, we will let you know at least half an hour before we send the picture to yourselves so you can warn your client to be available. This hold up of production, to take, process and e-mail the photo will cost a token £10.00 for the time involved and to stop 'willy nilly' requests!

Every extra 15 minutes or parts thereof of the machine standing will cost £10.00 each.

It is normally more cost effective to do a pre-production proof - but if time is critical for you this is a great alternative.

We used to do this for free but it's with regret that we now have to charge for this service - because we have had too many incidences where we have been kept waiting for nearly an hour on average.