Rotary HD laser engraving

rotary 360 hd laser engraving

Rotary 360° high resolution

rotary 360 hd laser engraving
Rotary Torch

Same quality, same precision but bigger on round cylindrical objects. Pens, torches, glasses, mugs, flasks, and many other cylindrical items. Even spheres can be engraved by this method.

Logos can be wider, higher and clearer. Better representing what you're trying to get across.

We were the first business in the industry to commercially offer rotary laser engraving on a free issue product commercial basis. 

Rotary Torch





rotary laser engraving HD shimmer on pen

'Copylogic' logo - a great achievement this one, on the above carbon fibre pen. Look closely at the sparkly 'Shimmer' finish which is very difficult to get when using our rotary system normally. This is due to software technicalities - remember also, if the plating is good (not cheaply flash plated) the 'Shimmer' is our 'normal' finish when using our HD flatbed engraving system.



With some cylindrical items (e.g. pens) the surface curves other directions as well. In case of pens it tapers towards the nib. A good example for reference is a Parker Jotter's barrel (we can only go approximately 28 mm wide - flatbed and rotary as well). In order to preserve the logo's appearance, we don't recommend placing the artwork further beyond the start of the curve as per engraving areas illustrated below (in yellow):


rotary laser engraving HD

rotary laser engraving areas

rotary laser engraving HD separator


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