High Definition Laser Engraving

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cost conscious laser engraving

We always strive for the best quality possible for each individual product and material. High definition (i.e. high resolution) laser engraving is the clearest and most precise way of marking and personalising items.

Below you can see the difference between low and high resolution engraving.

high definition laser engraving illustration vs

low resolution laser engraving illustration


and a real photographic example (zoomed in far above the actual size):

Voise cost concious laser engraving vs competitor laser engraving

That is a big difference in quality and appeal. As the logo / artwork can be even distorted by low quality engraving, the decision which way to go needs to be carefully thought through.


See this low resolution attempt of our competitor:

Our high resolution engraving:



Click (tap) to see our version






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rotary hd laser engraving flatbed hd laser engraving
cost conscious hd laser engraving