Cost Conscious

cost conscious laser engraving

Cost Conscious Engraving - rotary & flatbed engraving

Our cheapest option - if we are pushed! However it is used by many other competing laser jobbing companies by default. We do not recommend using 'cost conscious' as the default engraving method, as presentational and promotional engraving should look its best like the above HD laser engraving, which is our normal quality by default.

If engraved as cost conscious, it doesn't always have to be the rusty brown finish though, as on certain materials we can still achieve a nicer looking finish but at the lower resolution which by default is quicker to engrave therefore cheaper (that's why other jobbing companies do it as standard and therefore charge respectively):

Voise cost concious laser engraving



It must be noted that on certain substrates the browny finish is inevitable if engraved by the cost conscious method:

cost conscious brown laser engraving



Other engraving methods:

rotary_360_hd flatbed_hd