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Laser Engraving Specialist - Voisé Ltd


We are the ONLY high quality precision laser engraving SPECIALISTS in the Promotional Industry that offers such a wide spectrum of  finishes in laser engraving, marking or cutting services. Whether you are looking for a small or a large number of items to be engraved, you've now found the right people to help you.

We are confident that you'll definitely be satisfied and even surprised when you see the results of our high definition laser engraving, especially if you have only previously experienced the...
"mark'em quick get'em out the door brigade"!


Laser Engraving


What is laser engraving, as opposed to mechanical engraving? The main difference is that it distorts the surface and beyond of the material by vaporising some parts of it.  The final effect is clearer, more consistent and more cost effective than diamond drag mechanical engraving.

Our special 'Shimmer' effect gives the illusion of shimmering under most lighting. Plus the difference between printing and laser engraving? Engraving lasts as long as the surface. It is more ecological as it uses pure light generated by atoms.


Laser Engraved Materials


If you're wondering what we can engrave, just click on materials and see that we can achieve excellent results with almost any solid surface. Laser marking metal, glass, wood, silver, ABS plastic, leather and many more in the range will give you enough freedom for you to choose how you wish your products to be personalised.


Rotary Laser Engraving

Rotary engraved torchRotary engraved torch

Need to engrave cylindrical objects, a pen or a flask, all around whilst keeping the same high definition precision? 360 degrees laser engraving is yet another of our USP's!

Rotary HD Laser Engraving

We have been producing the highest standard of precision laser engraving for 18 years, and we can assure you that the quality of our work will appeal to you and your customers. We do so many repeat orders!  The lasering of personalised gifts, promotional giveaways or lasered trophies are a great way to promote yourself, your client or your client's products.


Want to know more about laser engraving?

If you have any questions about our laser engraving service, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page or you can contact us directly.

Our ideas and techniques are often imitated or copied but never bettered - check out our accolades page.


How to order laser engraving

See our Ordering Process page for details.